Global distribution marketing company

MQ Networks

Business Area

Exclusive Distributorfor Channels

Securing coverage for all domestic retail channels
Possession of the best sales/marketing capabilities in Korea
Partnerships with leading domestic and
overseas consumer goods companies such as P&G and Kelloggs
Business Area

Exclusive Distributor for Global Brand

Performing everything
from import and logistics to sales and marketing
Partnership with global brands such as Duracell
Business Area

Oversea Sales Distributor

Supply contracts with Supervalu,
one of the largest retail chains in North America,
and SaSa, the largest drugstore chain in Southeast Asia,
as well as 20 agencies in 10 countries
Business Area

Elderly Products/Healthcare Business

Acquisition of Nanum HNC, a sales company specializing
in welfare equipment and medical devices
Welfare equipment/medical equipment/health products sales and service
Operating largest-scale shopping mall